Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Hipster Chainsaw Massacre

Now, here's a curious thing.


It's a Derringer. Like those little guns saloon girls would pack in Randolph Scott movies.

The manufacturers say:

"A modern interpretation of the board tracking racing motorcycles of the 1920s, Derringer cycles capture the simple, pared-down, aggressiveness of early motorsport while delivering an intricate level of personalized customization. Like their owners, no two Derringer cycles are the same.
For the discerning rider, Derringer offers the opportunity to own a truly unique, one-of-a-kind motorbike that combines innovative engineering with a classic high-performance aesthetic.
Powered by a moto-hybrid drivetrain, Derringer cycles are built for our modern age."

But hang on, Board racers are like this:

A Board Racer, yesterday

 1,200cc deathtrap nut jobs with no brakes, designed to take you straight to Hell. Ridden by men with balls of steel, who had just come back from charging the Kaisers machine guns armed with a toothpick. Or by women with even bigger balls. It will eat your children.

 This, however:

oh look, I'm so ironic

on the other hand is a very nicely built bicycle, with a chainsaw motor shoehorned into the frame.

Is it a motorcycle, or a means to sell $650 leather jackets and $49 t-shirts to people with more money than sense?

You decide....