Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Bristol Classic Bike Show. Some Pictures.

 Here are some pictures frome the Bristol Classic Bike show. It was heaving - recession? what recession...
lovely little Hornet

eight heads are better than one

and this is the ugly side

Indian Enfield

love the Swinging London panel badge

A Panther

A Humber Tri-car. Looks like something Sherlock Holmes would get about in, Watson piloting and Holmes in the front shouting, "Faster Watson, I pray god there is still time!"

The Wells Classic Bike Club stand

it was entitled "Don't say anything, The wife's at her mothers for a few weeks..."

A Black Shadow. No Black Lightnings this year.

Nicest bike in the Car Park

You can keep yer Harley WLA's this is "the bike that won the war"

"Project, 90% complete, little work needed"

Nice little learner bike...

A biscuit to anyone who can name this...

Sex on wheels

The crowds favourite. Not mine though

Very Red


just insane

This was almost my favourite

Work of art (1)

Work of art (2)

Amazing to thing these are still around to be restored

My Favourite, it was in the car park. It was for sale, but I didn't dare ask the price.