Saturday, 16 February 2013

Legs and Co

Well I haven't posted anything in an age, but, for the 1,000 or so people who come visiting each month, here are some pictures from this years Bristol Classic Bike Show, which, confusingly, isn't held in Bristol. Couldn't find anything I could afford which was worth buying, sadly...
A Triumph TRW25. V nice

Would have liked this a lot, but a tad overpriced at nearly three grand

Some great elbow work in this shot of a KH250 I feel. Watch out for lots of legs, too

I always wanted one of these, just so I could join the Harley Owners Group

142,000 miles has gone under this CX500's wheels.

Don't imagine this MV Agusta 850 gets out of the garage much :(

A Harley-Davidson

This is an entirely British-built racing motorcycle.

Barton engine made in Carmarthen.

That Harley, close up

BSA Hornet. Slather.

Panther bobber. Drool.

Look at this row of Triumphs. Isn't it lovely?

The thieving ratbags flogging this pile of scrap wanted more for one Triumph 650 engine than I paid for a whole Ducati.

British you say? What makes you think that?

Kawasaki KH500 of utter gorgeousness


For the Emperor!

This is the last motorcycle BSA ever sold. A 100cc Yamaha with stickers on the tank. How are the mighty fallen

Now I really want one of these, A BSA B44. Not at this price though.