Friday, 6 April 2012

Zero-Budget cafe racer part two

Well, I've just spent the afternoon at the lock-up rewiring the Ducati's petrol pump and generally moving stuff around - which is what you are supposed to do on bank holidays anyway in my opinion.
 After I'd done all that, I decided to have a tinker with the dormant RS100 cafe racer project.
Such incredible workmanship

Didn't do a lot to it - attached a new tail light, mucked about with the seat a bit and fabricated a seat hump out of a some scrap alloy, a bit of stainless mesh and an old guitar case.
I then made free with the old matt black spray paint.
Like the day it came off the production line

I've got a battery on charge, so I might just whip up there with half a gallon tomorrow and see if it'll start.
looks like 45mph standing still

If it does, I may strip it down for a proper prep and build. Or I might just MOT it and flog it.

I've got another one in the shed with a good chrome exhaust, so i might swap them, though I do quite like this matt black job - makes it all purposeful.
Yamaha RS100 cafe racer. Spirit of the 70's...

Need some chequered tape to set it off properly. Still pondering a little mesh screen too.

The tail light/numberplate combo cost me £9.99 - five quid less than the identical one I bought in 1986 to go on my Honda 250 Dream
Total spend so far. £79.99. Including the bike...

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