Thursday, 6 January 2011

"Send 6p for 24 page catalogue"

Rummaging around in the bottom of boxes, looking for old photographs for this thing I found three old copies of Motor Cycle Scooter and Three Wheel Mechanics which I found originally in the attic of a house in the South Wales valleys about 15 years ago.
I love these old mags for the articles about how to tune your Lambretta or exploded diagrams of the Norton ES2 engine, and for the adverts, which rarely get a look in online.

Anyway for the bikers coming on here, here are a small selection of what I'm babbling about.
I'll post some more another time. Let me know if you want to read any of the articles on the cover...

click on the pics to enlarge the image

I'll take a pair of those swept back pipes and a sports dolphin please

Well that's done amazing things for that Royal Enfield 250

one for the Ducatisti

Not sure I'd survive riding that for 24 hours...

mmm I'll take a jacket in yellow and some blue leather trousers
Hell's Angels patch anyone? remember your punctuation, though

This wouldn't look out of place today. but Square exhaust pipes?

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