Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Zero-Budget cafe racer

Inspired by the good folk at  I thought I'd have a crack at zero budget building.

Bought a little RS100 for one of my kids about three years ago, but its been sat at the back of the shed ever since. Had a rotten seat and a worn out kickstarter gear, and I managed to pick up a very cheap GS125 in the meantime for junior.
His younger brother won't be seen dead on something 30 years old, the ungrateful little goit.

So I've dragged it out, slapped a pair of ace bars I had in the shed on it, used the pillion pad off a Jap sports bike I found in the road a while back as a seat, next step is to fabricate a seat hump from a three quid bit of alloy sheet I bought at a classic bike show. I'm thinking maybe a little mesh fly screen and a chequered flag type graphic.

Total cost so far, including buying the bike, 70 quid...

My little Ring-a-ding Yamaha RS100 cafe racer. yes, the dark patch is where I poured gearbox oil in without re fitting the drain plug

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Anonymous said...

Any more pics of this bike? It'd be cool to see some of your process and mods up close.