Monday, 10 January 2011

meep meep

I know I shouldn't but I’d really like an electric motorcycle. 
I’ve got a 45 mile round trip to work every day – its all on country lanes so I can’t get up too much speed, and it currently costs me about a fiver every day to get in and out in car or on bike.

30mph? fzattttt

I want something with a bit of class, like a Brammo Empulse.

I think it looks the business, and certainly seems to go pretty well.

So why is it I can get £5,000 of taxpayers money off an electric car which would struggle to get me in and out, but I can’t get anything off a Brammo which would take me twice as far?
It does seem a bit daft that electric bike design seems to be strongest in the US, where distances are greater, but ridiculed over here, where journeys of less than 100 miles are the norm.
I wouldn’t be using the Brammo exclusively of course – I’ve got my 750ss for real motorcycling over a distance, but the idea of  whirring silently to work for a few pennies a mile certainly appeals. Especially as I could plug it in and charge it at work at my bosses expense.

Any chance of a long term test bike, chaps? 

I love the name as well. Sounds like an offshoot of the Acme Corporation.


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