Sunday, 7 February 2016

Let's go shopping

I've been to the Bristol Classic Bike Show where there were some very lovely motorcycles

and hundreds of stalls, the majority of which were selling the same disposable rubber gloves, and the same Bergen brand socket sets.


I have bought

8 stainless steel dome nuts that are the wrong size for my exhaust studs.
Three 50mm and four 35mm m8 metric fine stainless steel bolts.
One small vice.
one stainless steel brake bleed nipple
a packet of the aforesaid rubber gloves
one metre of fuel pipe
A polishing mop set
A pair of funky little rear view mirrors
and most importantly:

one pair used pattern Jama megaphone exhausts with down pipes. these are made of unobtanium, and sell for absurd amounts on Ebay. they did not cost me an absurd amount and will replace the efficient but very ugly Motad 2-1

And one nice new Avon Roadrunner 19 inch front tyre. also virtually unobtainable

This evening i have used many of my tools and managed to free the piston in my rear caliper and having failed to obtain a pair of first oversize pistons  it's off to the internet to buy them from the Dutch. Or the Germans...

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