Saturday, 3 March 2012

Thieves! Vagabonds! etc...

Well who'd a thunk it. An importer of cheap Chinese mopeds and the like has taken one of my pictures from this page and used it in a frankly derogatory fashion on their website as part of an advert.
a proper motorcycle, albeit in kit form

Now far be it from me to cast nastursiums on the quality of their handcrafted products, but I don't doubt that I could destroy one of their machines far faster than any of those listed here.

The question is, shall I send them an invoice for the picture as agreed by my trades union, the National Union of Journalists of three times the going rate of £130 or not? Or I could destruction test a Lexmoto 125 for them if they like...

a tart's handbag

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jamiessmiles said...

Fuckers! I am outraged for you.